Our Projects

APPELLATE FILMS is working pre-production on more than 30 culturally impactful films for release over the next 5 years. The list below, in alphabetical order, are our in house productions for release over the next five years.

1.           AMERICAN HISTORY is the definitive documentary of America’s story, showing how Christendom and Western Civilization birthed the greatest republic the world has ever known and vividly comparing America’s destiny with the fates of those nations, which rose and fell before her.

2.           AXIS OF EVIL reveals just how close the world is to acting upon the unthinkable: Nuclear War!  This film will compare and contrast the threat posed by today’s most dangerous tyrannies with America’s tactics, strategy and ultimate victory in the Cold War, and show how those paradigms may not succeed in response to rogue nations such as Iran and North Korea.

3.           BLUE DAWN tells the true story of police brutality and government corruption while exposing the socialist elements within the “hands up – black lives matter” movement, revealing the ultimate truth that all lives matter and that only equal justice based upon the Word of God can preserve our liberty.

4.           CALIPHATE will expose the true purpose behind the “Religion of Peace” and the extent of Islam’s infiltration into America and across all of Christendom.  From its very roots in 6th century Arabia to its ultimate goal of world domination, we will document this grave existential threat to liberty in the world.

5.           DEEP STATE Covert operatives live in the darkness in a universe of lies. Their techniques involve deep penetration of regimes by planting a network of agents at key crossroads of power, where they can steal secrets and steer policy aimed at making government leaders doubt their own judgment and question the support of their subordinates. The goal is nothing less than to topple the regime in power, by discrediting those controlling the government. Today in America, their new target is the President of the United States, the Constitution, and our way of life. Patriotic citizens must awaken now to the very real assault underway against America by seditious shadow warriors of the Deep State.

6.           DEVIL AT OUR DOORSTEP is an account of Big Labor’s use of intimidation and corruption to usurp American freedoms. It describes the impact of labor unions on the economic and political landscape of America. Dangers to America’s future are posed by allowing greater control to these firmly-entrenched, coercive organizations and their political supporters/dependents committed to the elimination of our republic who promote the rise of socialism. It shows mainstream media’s philosophical agreement with Big Labor, and points out the prevailing bias in reporting or the burying of labor related topics for fear of retaliatory attacks against advertisers. It will engage, educate and inspire people from all political perspectives to resist the thuggish politics of Big Labor to save the future of America, before it is too late.

7.           DIRTY LIARS The First Amendment guarantees a free press, but what happens if the press becomes a corporate monopoly of systematic propaganda and lies?  Who can tell what is real and what is “fake news” anymore?  This film exposes the blatant consortium of “major media outlets” controlling the daily campaign of intentional misinformation that purports to be “news” – and chronicles the rise of alternative media that is rapidly displacing it.

8.           ENTITLED A sober look at the real costs of our unfunded mandates, entitlements, and national debt; their evolution from Marxist theory to implementation through the Progressive Era, the New Deal, and The Great Society, to the current Cloward-Piven strategy to bankrupt America on purpose.

9.           FIVE ENEMIES OF GOD AND LIBERTY questions “if conservative principles are superior, if the God we serve is real, and if the candidates we nominate are virtuous, why have we been losing the culture war for more than half a century”?  The answer is betrayal from within the “Christian” conservative movement. The ugly, brutal, but honest truth is that there is no profit to be gained by certain venal “leaders” if we actually restore a Godly nation, and until they are deposed from power, nothing will change.

10.        FREDERICK DOUGLASS was a former slave – a “dyed in the wool” Republican in the righteous cause of human freedom, a statesman, an orator and a successful businessman who lived and breathed the quintessential American Dream story. From a dirt floor to a Washington DC mansion, he became an adviser to 5 US presidents, including Abraham Lincoln. His counsel helped heal, reunite and restore America over 150 years ago and it can confidently guide us through our present social and racial divisions, and once again help save America from internal strife and confusion, if we’re willing to listen.

11.        GAYSTAPO is a no holds barred exposé of brown shirts in action – reviewing the targeted persecution and violence against Christians and Christian businesses by the militant homosexual movement. It will directly compare these thugs’ rise, vicious tactics, and ultimate betrayal by their political masters to that of the Sturmabteilung (SA) storm troopers at the hands of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS) in Nazi Germany.

12.        GENOCIDE is the hardest hitting, true story of Planned Parenthood and its racist, eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger ever filmed, that will expose the brutal reality of a 100 million holocaust on the unborn in America that makes Hitler, Stalin, and all the wars of the 20th century combined pale in comparison.

13.        GOD, GIRLS, & GUNS reveals and refutes the lies about the “Real War on Women” – from real world stories of life and death that tell how women have exercised their God given rights to self-defense with the “Great Equalizer” to the sobering stories of those left vulnerable who did not, and the tragic aftermath.

14.        HOLY MOTHER RUSSIA A biblical exegesis of Russia in prophecy from the Scythians, through the Soviet era, to failures of American foreign policy in responding to the post-cold war era. Unless we change course, these are certain to lead to the hook being placed into Russia’s mouth as the leader of an unholy alliance against Israel in the end times, but we can still make certain it does not happen on our watch.

15.        HUGO will contrast stories of the demagogues whose elections were spurred by a populist sweep, and changed the world. It will focus on the crippling legacy of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, and compare him to historical dictators so that history may not dare repeat itself.

16.        KIDNAPPED is a look inside the brutal world of the U.S. Department of Human Services, Child Protective Services and their anti-God and anti-family agenda. Time to reveal their record of taking children away from their parents for trivial reasons while ignoring the real abuses and violence tragically affecting the most vulnerable lives entrusted to their protection.

17.        MANIFEST-NATION is the story of one of the most stunning grassroots movements in French history. This resistance mobilized millions of conservatives and concerned citizens onto the streets of Paris and every major city in the country. The French lost the gay marriage battle in 2012, yet American complacency compares unfavorably to the bravery of the French who have no first amendment rights to protect themselves.

18.        NEW WORLD ORDER examines the true meaning behind the Old World Order of tyranny and brutal dictatorships, and displays the glory and Biblically inspired origins of the New Order grounded upon principles of human equality and liberty at America’s founding. If power corrupts, and information is power, then misinformation is their tool for absolute power – and the “new” New World Order, an inclination toward despotism.

19.        NINEVEH One of the oldest empires mentioned in the Bible, near the cradle of civilization, the Nineveh Plains in Northern Iraq are home to millions of Christians who have been systematically persecuted and slaughtered by ISIS, while decent governments seem politically powerless to intervene.  This is the story of Middle Eastern Christianity’s survival, which may foretell our own story in the post-Christian secular age.

20.        NULLIFICATION will explore the checks and balances between executives at the federal, state, and local levels with a look at historic examples, and measure momentous contests of the past against the moral cowardice of our present-day executives.

21.        POISON PILLS “Must be something in the water” will take on a frightening new meaning when this documentary reveals the truth about the pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and toxins that are making their way into our drinking water.

22.        PURE EVIL The George Soros story. Throughout history many pivotal events have come down to literally the will or actions of one man.  No single person in history has had a greater negative impact on the American way of life than George Soros.  Follow the money, the murder, the betrayals, and the intrigue as we expose his evil plans to subvert and supplant the institutions bequeathed us by our nation’s Founders.

23.         ROTTEN TO THE CORE will examine in never before explored detail the origins and history of government monopolies of our children’s education. See proof after proof that the decades-long dumbing down of Americans is an intentional design and not the result of error or mistakes.

24.        SHERIFF JOE is a movie that will enlighten, inform and inspire audiences with the story of America’s Toughest Sheriff and the longest serving Sheriff in Maricopa County history.  From his humble beginnings, through a long career as a Peace Officer working around the world, to his retirement at age 60 and subsequent return to service, this is a folk hero’s tale. The film will serve to educate, motivate, and activate a new generation of Peace Officers to step up for tough-on-crime reforms as well as face down corruption in our government, from local offices to Washington, DC.

25.        SUICIDE PACT Will explore the ideological origins of the modern Democrat party and its cultural roots from Eden to Babylon and Egypt, through the Renaissance and birth of Marxism and Communism. History shows how generations of the wicked have worked to enslave the minds of free men.

26.        SUPREMACY will take head-on the threat to liberty, which Jefferson called the Black Robed Tyrants of an unchecked and unrestrained judicial branch, which usurps, or has been ceded, unlimited oligarchical powers by the legislative and executive branches of government. It is imperative that free Americans understand and expose this threat and empower legislators and executives who must defy unjust courts.

27.        TERMINAL will reveal the dangers of a security state that is more interested in controlling their own citizens than in keeping them safe from real threats.  It focuses on the TSA and exposes the truth about its hiring of unskilled and unvetted criminals and terrorists, while refusing to profile high-risk travelers.

28.        THE WISDOM OF TRUE LOVE In the last century, world leaders dreaded the possibility that humankind would be destroyed from without, by weapons so inconceivably powerful their use implied human extinction. But in recent decades, advances in the scientific understanding of human biology produced a more insidious technological threat. They have spawned a presumptuous attack on human institutions of faith, family and moral purpose that undermines the will to respect, preserve and perpetuate humanity.  Instead of blows from without, we are dissolving humanity from within via chemical and other artificial contraception – abortifacients. Yet rooted in nature itself, human beings possess a wisdom that respects the true logic of concern for our common home, perpetuating human life in a way that enriches the life of the world. This film informs audiences of the true threat to humanity’s better destiny.  Above all it aims to inspire men and women around the world to rediscover the natural wisdom of God’s love, so as to welcome God’s call to procreate—for His sake and, therefore, our own.

29.        TWIN PILLARS OF LIBERTY will explain the foundations and divisions that truly are at the core of American politics, providing candidates, pundits, students, and civic minded voters a sure ability to accurately determine the key stances of any politician, gauge their electability, and weigh the reasons you should support or reject their candidacy.

30.        UNFAIR II reveals the truth about recent crimes, abuses of power, and cover-ups by the IRS, exposing it as a blatantly unfair and corrupt entity incapable of reform that must be abolished. Multiple points of view present the clear moral case, not only against excessive taxation, but for the very founding principles of freedom that today, the IRS routinely, institutionally violates. A free people is compelled to rise up and end this travesty. Today’s tax regime is unconscionable; it is an affront to liberty that must end.

31.        UNSUSTAINABLE is about our common interest in enacting sensible policies that lead to both environmental benefit and economic prosperity. It is also the first major documentary to shed light on the certain damage the extremist Agenda 21 will wreak on our liberties while doing nothing to improve or support environmentally sound or sustainable policies.


Preserving The Roots of Liberty